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5 Things To Do When Stuck In Traffic

I think we can all agree that traffic jams are the worst. Nothing sucks more than wanting to get from A to B as quickly as possible but suddenly you see the traffic ahead. Initially, you probably feel...

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5 Reasons Your Vehicle Is Making Grinding Noises

You are making a turn, when suddenly, your vehicle makes a grinding noise. Immediately, you panic, trying to figure what could cause your vehicle to make such a horrendous sound. Well, there could be 5...

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4 Reasons Why Your Car Will Not Start

Besides the obvious, your engine is dead, what else could cause your car not to start? Well, there are possibly four other reasons as to why your vehicle will not start. Let's review them. 1. You...

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A Brief History About Labor Day

Many of us know Labor Day as the long weekend we unofficially say goodbye to summer and hello to September. But do you know how Labor Day originated? Here is a brief history about Labor Day. In the late...

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2018 Custom Ford Expedition

Would you drive a 2018 Ford Expedition Custom? Lowered 22” wheels Rear seat entertainment in the headrest and backed with full factory warranty! If you like to customize your rides come see us at Homer Skelton...

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Turning Your Truck Into A Mini Home

Summer is coming to an end but that does not mean that you have to give up your camper dreams! In the associated video, a fellow truck owner and lover of camping converts his trucks bed into what some may deem...

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